Safety & Security

Oliwa Car Tracker

Our oliwa tracker helps you to keep up to date on your vehicle status information, respond to abnormalities in real time. Immobilize your assets via SMS command. Get peace of mind 24/7 with email & SMS alerts.

700,000.00 (UGX)

iVMS Fleet Manangement Tracker

Our iVMS product aims to reduce asset-related expenses, improve your customer service efforts and increase productivity.

380,000.00 (UGX)

Mafuta Fuel Tracker

Fuel is the most abused resource in Uganda. People are making millions and millions of shillings out of siphoning and company owners are losing money through ridiculously high fuel expenses. Our Mafuta Tracker can help company owners reduce fuel expenses by half

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Piki Motorcycle Tracker

Operating a motorcycle in Uganda has become a very risky business due to the rampant theft cases and mortality associated to it. Whether it is a "boda boda", corporate or personal motorcycle,"katayimbwa" wielding goons are now targeting cyclists with an aim of robbing them. Our Piki tracker helps motorcycle owners monitor the movements of their personnel as well as to immobilize the engine on demand.

0.00 (UGX)

Dash Cam

Have the ability to carry out online spot checks on your drivers . Wearing safety belts. Wearing reflective stripes. carrying passenger(s). Using a mobile phone. Both hands on the wheel.

0.00 (UGX)

Generator Tracker

Our generator tracker enables you to know the current ignition status of the generator and give you an alert when the fuel is running low

0.00 (UGX)